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Been a long time comin. When I'm not takin this music around the world I'm in the lab cookin. When I'm takin my music around the world, I'm still in the lab cookin. I've been creating non-stop and I've only been going harder. My friends and family been tellin me I should stop sleepin and start this subscription service so zoom, here it is.

For the low low price of $44.49 a year you can get everything I've dropped on Bandcamp & everything there is to come including but not limited to:

*OCnotes exclusive merchandise
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*Exlusive subscriber only Releases
*Entire OCnotes Bandcamp Discography to date (Currently 38 Releases)

That means you can get all of my music from past to future for the equivalent of less than $1 a record if you subscribe. Insane value.

Come along & hop on the gold train. Over the next year I'll be releasing more than 15 records along with healthy batches of singles, remixes, & edits so don't sleep!

Wanna say thank you for all the love from all around the world. I can't put into words how much every message, personal real life interaction, and all these experiences I get to have through this music means to me. Yall bring me up when I'm down sometimes & have opened my eyes and mind to perspectives I couldn't have reached on my own. I am a better person because of what I have learned from the world & am eternally grateful to be able to rock with yall.
I look forward to keepin it on, from the womb to the tomb.

Much love to you all

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