808 Punk

by ocnotes

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Gary Campbell
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Gary Campbell "808 Punk" is an audacious 2015 electronic punk record. He distorts and twists his Roland TR-808 drum machine in ways never intended--you rarely anticipate the directions he'll take you."808 Punk" is filled with distorted vocals, armies of machine gun snares, blips and bleeps. It's a 12-song, 21-minute burst of sonic energy, retaining a melodic core. Standout track "Valerie & Mindy" could be mistaken for a lost tune from Lou Reed. This is music that's present and alive. Favorite track: Valerie & Mindy.
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Dedicated to the 808 kick drum.


released August 8, 2015

All songs written, performed, & produced by OCnotes
Engineered & Mixed by Kjell Nelson
Mastering by Adam Straney for Breakpoint Mastering

Much love & respect to Specs One, Proh Mic, Vitamin D, Rik Rude, Lord Vintage, KMTK, my Black Constellation fam, the Seattle beat scene, Jerm, Mikey, Tay, & Jarv, Vermillion, Iska Dhaaf, Radjaw, my man SwampmaN, Silas, Eardrumz, Wizdumb, Dougie Ur Dad, all the gnarly security homies in belltown and on the hill (especially Tark & Tank), Russel Winfield & Jamie Lynn, all my homies from way back that i used to rock with and cause mad ruckus with, Joey, John, Wes, Brandon, Puyallup (even though you were racist i was surrounded by light and learned the most), Tanya & Larry for bein bosses and helpin make so much shit happen for a lot of us , Med Mix, Marijuana, Whiskey, Miller High Life, the people of Alaska, DJ Bles one, DTTTC, Jimi, Thomas & Pearl, all the skaters and snowboarders that constantly inspire me, of course the ODB, Bad Brains, Deftones, Soulfly, NOFX ( I could go on and on with bands that have helped make the soup), my man Maxwell, all my people at the PDA lounge (except for you buster ass mofos that i dont like), Cabin Games Records, Sub Pop records (especially Frank), Dipset, Whopper Jr, all my people at war from all countries, construction workers, janitors, fast food employees, all my pirates on the pirate ship in the food industry, KEXP, KGRG, Riz, Sharlese, Chili, Alex, Love Family, Thesis & all my AZ fam, i fux with ILLFIGHTYOU, all my people locked up on bullshit charges, all my felons tryin to make it in Babylon with a dirty record, Jah, dat boy Norvis outta NY, dat boy Chocolate Chuck, all the bad, good, & misunderstood....

& of course......i saved the best for last

My beautiful baby Bella. My mother & father, sister, & brothers, i know this life aint easy but oh what a life it is. All the Calvins & all the Tompkins. We gon make it.

Dont be afraid. Your not alone. Dont eat what they're feedin you. The truth is in the light & the light is inside you. We gon make it.



Track Name: John Henrys Hammer
those players
hate to see you win
they roll the dice with angry eyes
like they say mine mine mine mine mine

give it to me mine this time
give it to me mine this time

see you wont take my life no no
without me fightin to the floor
you see me as your fifth wheel
as your spare tire on the back

am i John Henry on your tracks now?


see i am not your fifth wheel
im not your last phone call
you will take me fightin to the floor

am i John Henry on your tracks now?

Track Name: A.$.$.
a sticky situation
a sticky situation yea
a sticky situation
a sticky situation yea
Track Name: $uper Thug
yous a super thug now baby
hate society
your so mad at your world and you wanna take it out on me
seen you in the club now baby
always VIP
you show me no love now baby and i done anything
sour face
tiny eyes
all black everything
you know that i love your style but you act so ugly
from the tucker down to your knees
Miss make-up with pretty lies
youll say anything

i see your disguise now baby
i see your release
i see your disguise now baby
i see your disease
i see your disguise now baby
i see your release
i see your disguise now baby
i see everything


you cant, you cant, you cant take my soul away!!
Track Name: DNA
she wants my DNA
Track Name: Valerie & Mindy
Valerie & Mindy
two beautiful girls
they moved from the suburbs
to the city
tryna see the whole world
they giving them cat glances
they wanna get chose
they tryna get chose

oh, hollywood

is your red dress on?
will you smile for the camera?
just take off that dress
lay back & spread your legs girl

im gonna make you a star
always runnin round town
lookin like a clown

Valerie & Mindy
please come back
come back to us
theres a million girls like you
actually more than a million girls like you theres probably about a billion girls like you
wear your natural girl
dont be afraid to be different

now is your make-up correct?
and is your eyeliner on?
could you please...
get on your knees?

yea, you know what to do